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Nutrition Packages

We know diabetes, heart disease, and gastrointestinal issues improve with a nurturing lifestyle.  Committing to a healthy lifestyle can be overwhelming at first, especially if you feel alone, but the benefits of a healthy future are priceless!


What works for one person may be a nightmare for you! Creating a customized health and wellness plan with me sets the stage for an effortless transition and lasting commitment. Let me support you to create that energy to build and maintain your personalized healthy vision, plan, and lifestyle. 


Together we will identify areas of improvement for your health. We will explore the best ways to set attainable goals that build on each other to gradually and consistently integrate your healthy lifestyle and reclaim healthy YOU!

Insurance covered nutrition counseling

Barringer Nutrition; Insurance benefits; Nutrition benefits; Nutrition Counseling; Medical Nutrition Therapy; Chronic Disease; Disease prevention;

I offer individual counseling in the following areas

  • Adult and pediatric weight loss

  • Diabetes

  • Pre-Diabetes

  • Heart disease, High cholesterol & High blood pressure

  • Weight gain

  • Preventative health and wellness

Using your nutrition benefits is a great way to get you started on your health journey. You can use your nutrition benefits through your insurance provider to reduce the cost of any program. Insurance will only cover actual time spent with me via Telehealth or in person.

3 Month Meal Planning Package

I will work with you to create a highly tailored Nutrition Prescription to reach your health and lifestyle goals. 

Meal planning through the Eat Love platform promotes healthy eating habits by increasing fruit and vegetable intake. 

Benefits of meal planning with me:

  • 1-60 min initial consult

  • 3 follow up visits

  • 3 month access to Eat Love Platform

  • Messaging access to me Monday-Friday. Like having a dietitian in your back pocket.

  • Lifetime access to private Facebook community for continued support

Meal Planning; Nutrition therapy; Nutrition Counseling; Barringer Nutrition; Insurance Coverage;
What you get through the platform:
Through the Eat Love platform you have access to the website and an app for your smart phone. Weekly menus for 1-7 days including 1-3 meals and a snack. Through the platform you have access to recipes and snack ideas. Each week includes a shopping list and the convenience of submitting your list for online pick up with Instacart or Amazon fresh. Weekly messaging access to me between sessions. 
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