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Meet Caitlin Barringer,
Registered Dietitian & Reiki Master

I first knew I wanted to be a Dietitian in high school. I have a significant family history of diabetes and heart disease, but it did not really impact my way of living or thoughts towards health. It took being miles away from home during the summer and getting a phone call that my dad, after having a routine heart scan, was being taken to the nearest heart hospital to have quadruple bypass surgery that day. I was on the east coast while my family was in Oklahoma, feeling so many emotions and nothing I could do. It was a very scary time for my family and things would for sure be different for everyone.


After this eye opening experience and learning how diet can impact your health, I decided I wanted to do what I can to help others and keep our loved ones from having to experience such confusing, scary and life threatening times. I have dedicated my career to helping others prevent and/or manage chronic illnesses that can impact ones quality of life.


I am simply an Oklahoma girl, who loves being outdoors with my family and pets. I enjoy tending to my plants, herbs, and vegetables that I use to flavor my meals. 

I believe in creating a positive mind and the framework to help you make lifelong changes. This led me to discover the healing powers of Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. These sessions can be incorporated into your nutrition packages to compliment your healing journey. 

Book a free clarity call, and we can talk about how I can help you make a difference in your life: seeing your diet and health in a new light. 



  • Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from the Oklahoma State University

  • Master of Science in Nutrition and Food Management from the University of Central Oklahoma.

  • Registered and Licensed Dietitian.

  • Reiki Master


Registered Dietitian Nutritionist; Caitlin Barringer; Nutrition Counselor; Meal Planning
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